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The Arusha Gymkhana Club provides one of the top private country club tennis facilities in Arusha. There are four hard court surfaces and 2 courts have flood lights allowing for playing at night. Tennis emphasizes a player’s ability to concentrate and stay focused while blending rapid decision making with an active physical workout.

The Tennis Section is also very passionately involved with the Youth Development Program (YDP).

The YDP is an outreach program that provides tennis opportunities for children and youth, aiming to foster healthy physical and personal development.

It especially targets under-privileged children who are selected from public primary schools in poor areas of the Arusha Municipality but in the vicinity of the AGC to enable the kids to easily commute between their home and the club.

Since its launch, the YDP has produced top-ranked national players that have competed across the country, region and continent representing the country at many African Junior Championships.

In 2011, 2 of our YDP boys (Emmanuel Mallya and Omary Sulle, at the time 11 resp. 10 years old) were selected by the ITF to join their newly established EA regional training center in Burundi, a dream come true.

In 2014, our boys held the top 2 spots in the boys U16 (Emmanuel resp. Tumaini) and the top spot in the Boys U14 (Omary Sulle) in the larger East Africa region!

As a result, Omary was then offered a 1 year scholarship at the ITF high-performance training center in Morocco which started in Aug14!

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