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Arusha Gymkhana Club History

The history of the Arusha Gymkhana Club dates back many years, from the times the club house which in the 1940’s was situated near the current Police Officers mess and its golf course extended from there to down town towards the Railway station.
In the early 1950’s a new lavish club house was built, which now houses the High Court. The Golf Course was then moved from its existing land downtown to the existing land it is now situated on.
The early 1960’s the Main club was found to be too big and was given to the government to house the High Court and a smaller club house which is our existing old clubhouse was built.
In the 1970’s the Arusha Gymkhana Club lost land to Mount Meru Hotel and some plots to the south of the golf course and had it not been for the then Secretary General of the East African Community, Hon. Charles Maina, we would have probably lost all the land.